REdGENERATION: Art, Enterprise, Local Knowledge and the Curriculum

By Paul Haywood and Sam Ingleson.

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The theme of this paper is engagement in art as a stimulant to enterprise education with young people. Reflecting on their experiences of initiating and managing the case study outlined, the paper describes a process of arts intervention in a school based enterprise project. Set against the social backdrop of urban renewal, the project outlined effectively establishes a voice for young people that counters the imposition of regeneration initiatives whilst maintaining the imperative of an art that is free from the absolute requirements of function.
Education and Teaching Context - Art and enterprise cells in local schools.
Subjects affected: Art, Fine Art, Public Art, Design Fields, Textile Design, Enterprise. (Not all of these subjects are represented by degree programmes in the University but are the interests of our partners in schools.)

Keywords: Art, Design, School Enterprise, Creativity, Innovation, Project Based Learning, Action Learning, Kinaesthetic Learning, Local Relevance, Social Regeneration, Urban Renewal

The International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 2, Issue 5, pp.99-108. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.513MB).

Prof. Paul Haywood

Lecturer, Adelphi Research Institute, Contextualised Arts Practice Research Group, School of Art and Design, University of Salford, Salford, Greater Manchester, UK

Paul Haywood has a professional art practice working in areas of social engagement and urban regeneration. He is Director of three major enterprise projects within the University all of which target regeneration in the city and social benefits. His recent art projects are made in collaboration with designer Maxine Kennedy, with artists Karen Lyons and Tim Dunbar and with Sam Ingleson and Jo Clements of ‘Artists and Education’. The most current projects are interventions with architecture and the processes of urban regeneration and renewal. REdGENERATION is a development that draws together a number of strands of thinking of artists active in Salford and corresponds with initiatives in new approaches to public art and architecture, art and industry collaboration, art and science collaborations, commuity engagement initiatives and new approaches to educational partnerships. Collaboration is essential to these current practices and the diverse interests of artists working within the network support critical debate and the development of new lines of enquiry. The most recent consequence is a process of collaborative painting with one of the local school teachers.

Sam Ingleson

Outreach Officer, art and design, University of Salford, Salford, Greater Manchester, UK

Sam Ingleson’s art practice is centered in social engagement and participatory performances. The most recent project was the creation of a Board Game for Artists and the subsequent performance of that game, to an invited audience. Her artwork is concerned with the dialogues and exchanges that occur between participants when asked to follow a series of rules they have no prior knowledge of and how these actions can be captured. It is a form of socially interactive sculpture that deals with shared spaces and actions. Sam Ingleson’s role within the university is to work with the wider community such as schools, to develop innovative projects and new ways of working. She works as part of a team that delivers widening Participation with fellow artist Jo Clements. Together they run a Community Interest Company, Artists and Education that, amongst other things, provides training for both artists and teachers in order to create more sustainable arts projects in schools. Her core research themes are the exploration of creative space and engagement in the formation of artistic strategies that include makers and performers. Most of these are targeted at recognizable participatory groups, though an equal number establish a dynamic intellectual and collaborative environment where almost anything can happen, including new product design.


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