The Tulip in Turkish Art

By Ismail Yardımcı.

Published by The Arts Collection

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The tulip was already known in Anatolia in the 12th century by the Seljuks who used it in ornamental decoration of art pieces. It is only in the 12th century that the tulip makes its appearance in the decorative arts of Anatolia, and it is first mentioned in literature by the13th century Turkish mystic Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi, who frequently uses the image of the tulip, as for example in the line, “Tulip soul always speaks of the tulip garden”. The fact that this flower does not appear on the coins or art of the Roman and Byzantine periods shows that it was unknown to them.

Keywords: Art History, Design

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp.115-128. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 5.811MB).

Dr. Ismail Yardımcı

Associate Professor, Head of Ceramic Department, Afyon Kocatepe University Fine Art Faculty, Afyon, Afyon, Turkey

1999- Ph.Degree(doctoral of Fine Arts), Anatolia Universty, Social Sciences Institute, Ceramic Department. 1993- Master- Anatolia Universty, Social Sciences Institute, Ceramic Department 1990- B.F.A. Anatolia Universty, High School of Applied Fine Arts, Ceramic Department. ACTIVITIES 1998- Instuctor, Ceramic course for 6-15 age children, Bozüyük II. Ceramic FetivaleBilecik-Turkey 1999- Jury membership, Meal Competition at ceramic pots, Bozüyük II. Ceramic FetivaleBilecik-Turkey, 2001- Instructor at a ceramic course in Bilecik/Turkey, Organized by Ministry of Culture 2002- Instructor at a ceramic course in Bilecik/Turkey, Organized by Ministry of Culture. 2002- Researcher, Holland Delft Ceramics, Nederland. THESİS, ARTICLES 1993- Master Dissertations: “Since Beginning to Today, At Ceramic-Metal Materials, İnfluences of Technical and Form” Anatolia University, 1999- Doctorate Dissertations: 'Ceramic Pipes', Anatolia University 2001- 'Kitsch concept in Art' Anatolia Art Magazine,Number:11, Eskişehir-Turkey 2002- 'Pottery pipes fired in low-heated kilns' II. International Terra-cota Symposium Proceeding Book, Eskişehir-Turkey, 2006- "Holland De Porceleyne Fles (royal Delft)Factory and Delft Ceramics", Anatolia Art Magazine,Number :17, Eskişehir-Turkey. SYMPOSIUMS 2001- I. International Eskişehir Terra-Cota Symposium, Eskişehir-Turkey 2001- II. İnternational Avanos Ceramic Symposium, Avanos,Nevşehir-Turkey 2002- 6th Annual International Ceramic Symposium, TCC. WA; U.S.A 2002- II. International Eskişehir Terra-Cota Symposium, Eskişehir-Turkey 2006- II. İnternational History,Archeological,Culture,Art Days,Battalgazi-Malatya-Turkey 2006- Turkish Ceramic Society, İnternational Ceramic congress, Sakarya-Turkey EXHIBITIONS 6 personelPersonel Ceramic Exhibition 45 Mixed Ceramic Exibition.


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