Working Space: The Visual Style of Jean Vilar and Leon Gischia

By Marie Botkin.

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Post-World War II in France gave rise to many new developments in artistic, cultural, and economic milieus in a country torn apart by Nazi occupation and Resistance revolts. After witnessing the atrocities of war and the dictatorship of Hitler, the mood of this era was characterized by a thirst for change and renovation. The catalyst for a new National Popular Theatre (TNP) was found in the productions of Jean Vilar at the Week of Theatre Arts in Avignon, France, in 1947. In order to focus on the meaning of the plays he directed, Vilar worked closely with the painter Léon Gischia to create a visual experience that streamlined the costumes and décor. This research explores the background of Vilar, and addresses the question of how Vilar and Gischia were able to create a theatrical ‘working space’.

Keywords: Theatre, Theater, National Popular Theatre, Vilar, Gischia

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp.33-38. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 524.740KB).

Dr. Marie Botkin

Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA, USA


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