Transnational Transformations: The Nature and Nurture of International Collaboration

By Arantxa Echarte.

Published by The Arts Collection

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This is a case study-based paper concerning the ‘Encountering’ project developed by Arantxa Echarte and Hilary Ramsden, two active artists and Researchers based in Bristol, UK. ‘Encountering’ is an artist-led international collaborative proposal with the aim of creating a dialogue between artists, their art practices and audiences across international borders, disciplines and ideologies. Arantxa Echarte and Hilary Ramsden investigate elements in their practice-led research through the initiation of an open-ended, site-specific dialogue employing the notion of ‘encountering’. In their research, and through Encountering, both Echarte and Ramsden explore Bourriaud’s concept of relational or participatory art, and expand upon it, considering different contemporary debates.
The project ‘Encountering’ investigates and develops its own meaning and potential for international creativity and conversational focus through practice, challenging contemporary ideas about current art policy, artistic methodologies, and international participation and collaboration. This paper will explore issues of transnationality, human interaction, communication, activism, plurality and inclusion, and production of collective consciousness.

Keywords: Encountering, International, Participation, Collaboration, Collective, New Artistic Methodologies, Art Policy, Authorship, Relational Art, Dialogical Art, Human Interaction, Communication, Collective Identity, Relational Aesthetics, Altermodernity, Nicolas Bourriaud, Grant Kester, Katharina Schlieben, Christian Kravagna, Maria Lind

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp.233-238. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.180MB).

Dr Arantxa Echarte

Tutor and Researcher, University of the West of England, Bristol, Bristol, UK

My name is Arantxa Echarte and I am an active artist, Researcher and Part Time Art tutor at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK. I Graduated with a PgDip in Research from UWE in Bristol, an MA in Art and Design from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland; a First Honours Degree in Fine Arts from the University of The Basque Country, Spain and I am planning to finish my PhD at UWE, Bristol, in 2010. My present artistic area of interest lies within anthropological and ethnographical study in view of the idea that anthropology reconstructs stages of social and cultural evolution through recording ways of life that rapidly change. As an artist I engage with places and people, immersing myself within specific ‘situations’ offered by the surrounding environment and developing what an ethnographer would call ‘field work’.


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