Space and Pedagogy: Explorations of Space through Poetry and Contemporary Art Practices in India

By Dipalle Parmar - Haworth.

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This paper is intended to inquire into the relationship the contemporary artists in India today share with their work in terms of space. What is the place, position and relationship with ‘space’ in their works and lives?
Here we have chosen to interact with artists who not only practice painting but also poetry and writing, such as Gieve Patel and Nitin Kulkarni. There are artists who also teach, such as Sudhir Patwardhan, Gieve Patel, Nitin Kulkarni, Shashikant Sawant and Prabhakar Kolte, and artists who also work on art installations like Bharati Kapadia and Anish Kapoor. These are all well-known artists who have been practicing for more than two decades. The aspect of parallel practice or collaborative approach to their work is able to throw light on how they mediate through various disciplines. Therefore, in this discussion we consider these disciplines as space, which these artists traverse, transcend, translate and trans-migrate between. Thus making an attempt to demonstrate not just their relationship with space but also their expressions through the parallel practices they engage in.
What does such a trans-migrating practice do to their working space? Do they consider the various mediums as alternate ‘space’? Is it because painting alone does not offer the kind of ‘space’ they need for their expression that they transcend to another medium? How does working in another medium alter their relationship with painting, if at all?

Keywords: Space, Painting, India, Poetry, Contemporary Art Practice

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 4, Issue 5, pp.325-340. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 2.926MB).

Dipalle Parmar - Haworth

Associate Professor, Visual Arts , Liberal Arts School, Foundation for Liberal and Management Education, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Dipalle Parmar Haworth has been engaged in Architecture and design for the better part of the last decade. Having practiced painting and poetry through out those years now she commits all her time and energy to writing, painting and teaching. Having exhibited her works in India and over sees since 1998 she has been experimenting with performance art since 2001. Her poems and stories have appeared in various publications. Two of her books are soon to be published - a fable for children “Laali and Pankhru” by Mapin Publishers, Ahmedabad and a collection of poems “Not a word is heard” by Poetrywala publishers, Mumbai. Presently she is working on a novella for young adults, which has been commissioned to be made into a Hindi feature film. She has also worked with the tribal people of the Dang jungles in Gujarat, the Baiga tribal in Chattisgarh, the Tsunami affected villagers of South India, Children at the Spastic Society of India, the girls of a remand home apart from regular school and college students. Since 2008 she has been teaching visual arts and creative writing at India’s first Liberal arts foundation. Dipalle lives with her husband and baby boy in Pune, India.


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