Meditative Dance: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Art Education: New Generation Body Mind Development Method

By Ilkay Sevgi Temizalp.

Published by The Arts Collection

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Meditative dance is a project on body training and body-mind balancing presented through East and West synthesis. It works on Eastern and Western techniques on body; as well as concentration, coordination and expression. The techniques combine air (breath), ground (earth), water (fluidity) and people (contact). Meditative dance seeks a systematic integration of body in a series of exercises, starting from ancient techniques and extending to the most contemporary implementations. Depending on the star-like design of body, which is the symbol of perfection, it formulates the area of implementation of these techniques.

The combination of opposites is attained through the principle of openness and equality introduced by Sufism philosophy. Targeting each and everyone, meditative dance offers a deep and natural perception on body health. It reveals the natural defence systems, the resistance and the potential power of the body and combines the active and powerful body with a relaxed and pure mind, as well as concentration and expression abilities and unites them with the feeling of artistic satisfaction.

Artistic Approach: Meditative dance strengthens body awareness. In performing arts, the importance of meditative thinking increase, as the need for expression, fluidity, balance and coordination increase. By breaking the prejudices and liberating the mind, this study improves performing skills, power of expression, fluidity and body-mind coordination and furnishes artists with unique skills and an awareness that will guide them throughout their life time. The feeling of being spread through time and space and the experience of the body’s fluidity helps to change the conventional structures of movement, posture and form. Breath and meditation exercises have their roots from East, whereas posture and muscle exercises take their roots from Western techniques such as ballet and contemporary dance. In this manner, meditative dance acts as an interdisciplinary approach to body, movement and dance.

Keywords: Dance, Performing Arts, Meditative, Multidisciplinary, Workshop, Seminar, Art Education, Artistic Training

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp.259-274. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.450MB).

Mrs Ilkay Sevgi Temizalp

Writer & Researcher, Research and Text-Writing, Simya Arts, Istanbul, Turkey


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