All Different but Still All Equal: A Dance Theater and Action Painting Performance

By Dicran-Albert Matossian, Argyro Karaguika, Marina Ismini Ioannatou and Vasiliki Bouratzi.

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For a long time, diversity haunts the thought of Western societies. The notions of foreigners, identity diversity and of what is considered acceptable and/ or natural overrun contemporary Western societies. This specific piece of dance theatre is based on an analysis of the various forms of social diversity, as well as on the notions of equality and the right to being different. We focused on the various forms and meanings of diversity and on their negative interpretations that come up within and among various social groups, leading to such phenomena as racism, stereotyping, social exclusion and labeling. A group of adults managed to overcome the negativism associated to diversity, through body movement workshops and the art of action painting. They expressed themselves by means of non verbal communication, creating new relations and conditions through processes of emotional and artistic performance. This case study highlights the dynamic character of diversity in contemporary societies and reveals the imminent need for social and cultural development. It is an example of how dance theatre and art practices are able to fulfill this powerful potential.

Keywords: Dance Theatre, Action Painting, Diversity, Equality, Creativity

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp.85-94. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1023.123KB).

Dicran-Albert Matossian

Phd Candidate, Department of Environmental Studies, School of the Environment, University of the Aegean, Mytilene, Lesvos isl, Greece

He was born in 1961 and is a graduate of the Department of Mathematics, University of Ioannina. He is a PhD candidate in Environmental Policy and Management of the Department of Environmental Studies at the Aegean University. He speaks French, English and Spanish and has published in scientific and educational journals, in conference publications and participated in various international and Greek conferences. In charge of the Arithmetic Literacy in the Second Chance School of Mytilene since 2003, he is a teaching assistant in Mathematics and Statistics, of undergraduate studies in the Department of Environmental Studies of the Aegean University since 2000. He was the scientific collaborator in the extended education program of Environmental Cartography of the Aegean University from 1998 to 2005.

Argyro Karaguika

Artist, Mytilene, Lesvos isl, Greece

Argyro Karaguika was born in Arahova Viotias. She studied at the School of Fine Arts in Athens, painting with professor D. Mytaras (1992-1997), stage design next to G. Ziakas and engraving with J. Papadakis. Since 1998 she has participated in outdoor and indoor personal and group exhibitions, organized occasionally by the Ministry of Culture, National Gallery, the Vorres Museum, the Skyronio Museum, the Secretariat of Equality, the Municipalities of Athens, Patra, Nafplion, Faliron, Thessaloniki, Syros, Rhodes, Mytilene, the Chamber of Arts. She has been honoured by the Ministry of Culture in 2004 for her research on materials and techniques. Since 1998 she teaches arts and history of arts in high school.

Marina Ismini Ioannatou

PhD Candidate, Cultural Technology & Communication Department, Social Sciences School, University of the Aegean, Mytilene, Lesvos isl, Greece

Performer and choreographer Marina Ismini Ioannatou was born in Italy in 1982. She teaches dance, performs with contemporary dance companies and choreographs for her own dance company productions. As well as, she is in the third year of her PhD Candidacy in Cultural Informatics. Her Phd Thesis in progress concerns “Dance and Technology. Methods and synthesis for choreography”. On research grounds, she is interested on how dancers and choreographers can interact and use new technologies in their works in progress in order to explore movement, space and sound relations and how this procedure can head on creating interesting dancing material for chorographical synthesis for dance performances. Through practice, she is also researching the interactive potentialities of technologies towards the audience that is involved in a dance performance, and how that can influence the final dance piece in different ways. Prior to PhD, she has completed an Honours Diploma in dance (2003, State School of Dance, Athens, Greece), a Bachelor in Cultural Techology and Communication (2005, University of the Aegean) and an Honours Master in Sciences in Cultural Informatics (2005 -2007, University of the Aegean)

Vasiliki Bouratzi

Phd Candidate, Department of Social Anthropology and History, Social Sciences School, University of the Aegean, Mytilene, Lesvos isl, Greece

She was born in Mytilene, Lesvos Greece (20/10/1977) and is a graduate of the department of English Literature and Linguistics, University of Athens (1999), and holds a masters degree in Social and Historic Anthropology, University of the Aegean. For the last 4 years, she is a candidate Phd student of Social Anthropology, conducting fieldwork in the area of Anthropology of Education, related to school-family relations and the educative strategies of families in a local community of the Aegean. Her research interests and presentations in conferences focus on the construction of local identity, social class and their role in the construction of meanings around schools and modern education. Since 1999 she has been teaching English in private and public state schools in various places in the country.


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