The Relation of Architecture and Photography: Design Process of New Spaces in Historical Contexts

By Shiva Yaghmaeian and Golzar Younesi.

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The communication between humans and architecture is a speechless communication that is understood by living in the space. Successful Architectural photography especially in the historical context is achieved when the knowledge of the photographer from the history of architecture, art and its elements is in an ideal level. This field creates a common interface of the context among architect and photographer so it can be a great help for the architect in order to get the required perception of the context to achieve the best design. In this method photography plays different roles in the steps of the designing process. In the first step photography is used as an extremely useful tool in order to reach to a general perception of the site and gather as more information as possible from the symbolic and identifier elements of the historical context. The elements can be different forms, the types of the material, details and etc. Identifying the turning points in which the existing elements vary in the site is the next step. This is achieved by moving in the access routes and continuously taking photographs from the site. The next step is conceptual designing, which is done by drawing and revising the sketches according to the turning points which are identified in the previous step, such that the new space can demonstrate a harmony with its site. The next activity is designing the elements. As more precise the architect uses the information gathered in the first step, the better results achieved by the process of designing. It can make an ideal communication with the user.

Keywords: Targeted Photography, Harmony, Historical Context, Symbolic Elements, Identifier Elements, Conceptual Design

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp.173-184. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 2.272MB).

Shiva Yaghmaeian

Faculty Member, Sama Organization, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Karadj, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I am the faculty member of “Sama Organization”, and am affiliated with Islamic Azad Uiversity-Karadj Branch. Iran. I teach architecture and work as the manager of this faculty.

Golzar Younesi

Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Karadj, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


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