Architectrures’ Innovative Designing in Methods, Tools and Advertising Spaces

By Golzar Younesi and Shiva Yaghmaeian.

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Architecture should be known as the boundary of art and engineering, because by omitting each of the artistic specifications or use of technology, geography, rhythm and other technical and engineering specifications, a valuable architectural impression can’t be created. It can be declared that architecture can achieve all the human requirements, such as: Aesthetics, visual attraction and the correct and in harmony use of space according to human characters, by combining artistic point of view and attention to ease of the human uses of the structures, appliances. Paying attention to the points which are favorable to the human in the field of construction, presentation and exhibition of products plays a key role in the success of the product. Designing letters, and writing styles, attention to the color and illumination, packaging design, and designing of advertising banners has developed in great number of fields and aspects and architecture as a creative art which asserts dominance over the entire specifications of the users and utensil, can introduce the best impression of designing in these fields. This is to the extent that in schools and universities of architecture, assignments are given to the students to increase their attention to the specifications of the objects and measure the improvement in their creativity, in designing related items. This paper studies the effects of architecture on the method of presenting and attractive exhibition of objects and items which are used by the human. It will assess the situation and ways of paying attention to these subjects in one of the universities of Iran and designed examples will be introduced

Keywords: Creative Designing, Methods of Presentation, Artistic View, Aesthetic, Utensil, Products

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp.145-158. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 2.190MB).

Golzar Younesi

Faculty Member, Sama Organization, Affiliated with Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Karadj, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I am the faculty member of “Sama Organization” and am affiliated with Islamic Azad University-Kkaradj Branch, Iran. I teach architecture and am the assistant manager of Sama organization of Karadj Branch.

Shiva Yaghmaeian

Faculty Member of Sama Organization, Affiliated with Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Karadj, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


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