The Pictorial Syntax in the Background of the Painting ‘ready made de l’histoire dans café flor’ (1987/88) by Jörg Immendorff

By Harry Roedel.

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The pictorial syntax directs the order of the basic elements of visual connections and relationships. These include policies such as equality and diversity and characteristics of atomic elements such as direction and perspective. This then raises the problem of knowing and naming the constructions in the space matrix of the painting.
The aim of this paper is to consider how to identify significant attributes in the symbolic matrix and its context in order to develop a construction line map. This construction line map aims to uncover the unseen construction ideas of its creator. With this information it will be possible to achive a new or deeper understanding of the painting. This identification can also create a reading hierarchy which apply and can be compared to other paintings.
A case study of the background of Immendorff’s painting ‘ready made de l’histoire dans café flor’ will support the points which are raised in this paper. The paper presentation establishes the complex syntax of the picture and isolates the visual components. The comparative line analysis will reveal the secret construction design of the painter and will critically examine the layering of themes in terms of cultural, social, and historical contexts.

Keywords: Immendorff, Syntax, Painting Analysis, Café de flore, Ready-made

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 5, Issue 4, pp.283-292. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.021MB).

Harry Roedel

Lecturer, School of Built Environment, UNITEC New Zealand, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

The main work is connected between art and architecture, related to the research and use of - and in social art, suprematism, contemporary art and modern architecture. This is always explored in my art exhibition and architectural buildings. Was educated as a carpenter (reg. guild, IHK), studied art history in Bonn and Köln (by. Dr. E. Weiss-Ott, Dr. Hagedorn), Auckland (Master Art History) Prof. Dr. L. Bell)(2010); architecture in Zürich and Auckland (Master Architecture)(by Prof.Dr. Austin, Prof. Dr. Mitrović), sculptor by M. Schaumburg and installation by L. von Winterfeld. Working as an academic lecture for construction/ architecture in Auckland New Zealand. Interests are based in weightless installations.


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