Drowning Girl: Water and the Feminine Body

By Fiona Edmonds-Dobrijevich.

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The pervasive image of the drowned woman throughout art and literature has become a signifier of female transgression, self sacrifice and martyrdom: as Helen Emmit states, “Drowning is gendered”. Representation of the drowned female became, in the 18th and 19th centuries, a trope of otherness, alterity and abjection. This trope was, in fact, so pervasive as to be almost unremarkable, as evidenced by the paintings of Delaroche, Millais and others. My research into this imagery has investigated current notions of Feminine Drowning, and its position in both historical and contemporary visual culture. Culture, through representations of the dead female body, has been able to both repress and articulate a knowledge of death by placing it outside of the self. “Images of the dead”, Elizabeth Bronfen proposes, “delight, because they are the death of the other”. Cultural fascination with the submerged female body persists, imagery of the drowned female in different and ambiguous ways reframing the dead-woman-as-muse to a more complex position. In my own art practice, I have proposed an ambigious imagery of the female body in the ocean, investigating the role of the feminine body and water in the works of contemporary artists including Patricia Piccinini and Fiona Tan, and throughout current forms of visual culture.

Keywords: Feminity, Death, Water, Visual Culture

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 5, Issue 4, pp.119-130. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 2.059MB).

Fiona Edmonds-Dobrijevich

Lecturer, School of Art , College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Fiona is a Sydney Artist who currently Lectures in Visual Art at the University of Technology. She graduated from COFA at the UNSW College of Fine Arts, with an MFA thesis which examined contemporary understandings of the Oceanic Sublime and her most recent Exhibition, “Body of Water”, in May 2010, examined the relationship of self, femininity and the ocean. She maintains an art practice which includes painting, drawing, animation and printmaking.


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