The Aesthetics of Abjection and Dying: In the Works by Valeska Gert, Alberto Giacometti and Danilo Kiš

By Marija R. Krtolica.

Published by The Arts Collection

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Can we take material objects - a recording, a sculpture, and a written text-as multiplicity of perceptual moments, still in the process of becoming, instead of solidifying them into frozen, static objects, intended solely for scientific scrutiny and/or isolated academic study? Can we re-experience our shared cultural past through consciously re-entering the sites of personal horror, trauma, and memories of death? I assert that the art works analyzed: dance film of Valeska Gert, sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, and a short story by Danilo Kiš, can serve as poetic evidences not only of the experiences and aesthetic choices of their authors, but also, of multiple readings, responses, and reactions that the works have provoked in the past, and that are inscribed on the surfaces we now encounter. The theoretical foci of the paper are abjection, aesthetic metamorphosis of the rejected otherness, performed failure, and repositioning of the marginal. The artistic and poetic excesses articulated through the unique acts of perception and related transformative acts, are envisioned as the tools for critical analysis of the society.

Keywords: Abjection, Body and Dying, subjective Reading, Reinvention of Past and Personal Hermeneutics, Nomadic Artists, Unstable Physical and Psychic Grounds, Bataille, Deleuze, Kristeva, Lacan, Muñoz

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp.193-202. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 664.163KB).

Marija R. Krtolica

Independent Performer and Choreographer, New York City, New York, USA

Marija Krtolica holds MA in Performance Studies from NYU, and MFA in choreography from UC Davis. Marija’s research revolves around conceptual knowledge, and artistic practices arising from the experiences of the body, (de) construction of the identity of the performer, and historicity of the otherwise elusive performance occurrences. In her theoretical work and practice, she investigates potentials for articulating poetic readings, and critical responses to the art documents from the recent past. Marija is a contributor for the Orchestra- dance publication in Belgrade. In 2009 her essay ‘Transient Identities between Stillness and Motion’ was published in The Journal of the Arts in Society (Vol. 4, No 1). Marija’s dance/ theater work was presented at the alternative venues in NYC, Belgrade, Boulder, Davis, Edinburgh and London. Marija most recent performance work ‘Dream Fragments (multiplied mirrors, feigned deaths & exaggerated poetic acts)’ premiered at the Triskelion Arts in February 2011. Marija is a yoga practitioner and instructor.


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