The Artistic Progressions of Ecofeminism: The Changing Focus of Women in Environmental Art

By Jade Wildy.

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Ecofeminist Art is a genre of Environmental Art that combines the essential understandings of Ecofeminism with the ecological focus of Environmental Art. With two dominant forms, Ecofeminism can be broadly understood as either drawing from concepts linked with the ideas of the Earth Goddess, Gaia and Mother Nature, in Cultural Ecofeminism; and social activism to remedy the planet, the responsibility of which falls to women, through Social Ecofeminism. These two types of Ecofeminism can be seen to influence the art of many women working directly with the environment.
While the early Environmental Art movement was largely dominated by men, women artists like Agnes Denes and Nancy Holt were producing artworks that engaged with the landscape, establishing a field of Environmental Art that has progressed into contemporary art, with artists like Jackie Brookner and Patricia Johanson.
This article explores the ideas and philosophies within feminism relating to the environment, discussing the relationship between women and the environment and how Ecofeminist concepts have informed Environmental Art produced by women. Beginning with a discussion of Ecofeminism, it will include how the various interactions between women artists and the environmental have changed since the beginning of Environmental Art in the 1960s, through highlighting several prominent women working in Environmental Art.

Keywords: Feminism, Feminist Art, Ecofeminism, Cultural Ecofeminism, Social Ecofeminism, Environmental Art, Women in Art, Women Environmental Artists, Ecological Art, Earth Art, Mother Nature

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp.53-66. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 753.204KB).

Jade Wildy

Graduate Student, Department of Art History, School of History and Politics, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Jade Wildy is an art researcher based in Adelaide and is currently studying for a Master of Art History at the University of Adelaide. Jade has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of South Australia, with a major in ceramics and a minor in painting. Jade aspires to become an art writer and researcher to pursue her love of visual art and art history. Her current research interests centre around contemporary art with a particular focus on environmental art, but she also have a love for psychology, biology and contemporary culture. Jade has written numerous reviews for Arts Hub Australia on both visual and performing arts in addition to several book reviews.


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