Composition Clarified

By James Hrkach.

Published by The Arts Collection

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All function aside, it is time that elements and principles of visual composition were examined with the thoroughness they deserve. That’s right, the visual art texts are wrong on account of being conflicting, superficial and subjectively experienced based! For ages, humanity has sought to understand both the natural world and the world conjured by the human spirit itself. The study of art and design furthers this endeavour but never to the extent that subjectivity or relativity are tamed or restrained enough to allow the true nature of our innate compositional aptitude to shine through. This workshop presents the elements and principles of composition in an orderly and complete manner that reveals their breathtaking relationship to one another. The groupings, categorization and structures of these fundamental components of design reveal relationships that have been flippantly ignored in typical art and design glossaries. Participants are invited to experience the ordering/defining process and to image the fundamental structures with which we, as a visionary species, envision our reality.

Keywords: Composition, Elements and Principles, Art and Design

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp.109-120. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 967.765KB).

James Hrkach

Arts Educator, Arts Department, Renfrew County Board of Education, Pakenham, Ontario, Canada

I have worked for 23 years in the education field, specifically furthering an understanding of the Arts. Special emphasis in the areas of the interrelation between the arts and the assessment and evaluation of the arts in educational venues have inspired a concerted effort to clarify the component of composition. Creative pursuits in music composition and performance, drama and script writing, digital graphic and sonic design as well as traditional forms of Visual Art have provided a test field for theoretical studies.


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