Implementation of Strategies for a Comprehensive Communication Model between Cultural Heritage, Contemporary Art and Society

By Ana Garcia-Lopez and Belén Mazuecos.

Published by The Arts Collection

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An integrative and innovative communication model to enhance the knowledge, comprehension and delectation of cultural and natural heritage in one side and contemporary art practices in the other will be described. By relating this two traditionally dissociated fields, a particular form of dialogue between them occurs and it is transferred to society within an emotional and intellectual discourse.
Thus, a new frame in the diffusion of the cultural legacy is generated that encourages its preservation and also sets up new research lines on site specific art work that are able to offer a contemporary vision on heritage. We consider that this close association between contemporary art and heritage powerfully enhances and activates both their own natures and the resulting dialogue providing a communicative nexus that benefits each other. This benefit produces an effective way to throw the result of both realities to society, inviting the visitor to participate in an immersive experience provided by the artwork that uses heritage as canvas, encouraging the visitor to learn more of both ancient and contemporary art.
We will introduce the two editions of the Ephemeral Art Exhibition in Granada (Spain) as case study and model that can be extrapolated to other contexts. During the Ephemeral Art Exhibition a number of cultural itineraries were designed in which both cultural and natural heritage in the city were used. Being most of them emblematic Islamic heritage buildings as El Bañuelo or the Alhambra and patrimonial neighbourhoods, natural heritage in the city as forests and river banks were also used by artists as well as projects involving local arts and crafts, gastronomy, folk music and dancing, oral traditions. These art work’s main aim are to promote non invasive art forms that enhance cultural and conservative values and a sustainable development, social integration, interculturalism and transdisciplinarity.

Keywords: Heritage Communication, Artistic and Cultural Heritage, Contemporary Art, Site Specific Art, Ephemeral Art

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp.93-108. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.963MB).

Dr. Ana Garcia-Lopez

Vicedean for Institutional Relationship and Exchange Programs, Professor, Drawing Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Granada, Granada, Spain

Associate Professor in the Drawing Department of the Fine Arts Faculty, University of Granada-UGR (Spain) since 1997. She graduated in Fine Arts in 1995 and received her graduate degree in Environmental Design. She earned a PhD in Fine Arts in 2003 and is currently teaching “Audiovisual art” at the UGR. She coordinates an innovative educational project named “Strategies, Methodologies and Processes to Improve the Teaching of Drawing by Using New Technologies” and is Director of the “International Exhibition of Ephemeral Art” in Granada. She received a California Teaching Credential that led her to teach art in several School Districts within the Los Angeles area. She also attended the Computer Graphic Pos-graduate Certificated Program in UCLA back in 1993 where she was able to visualize the possibilities of new media in the art classroom. Actualy, part of the subjects she lectures at the UGR are implemented on-line as part of an UGR Innovative Methodological Project. She has been a member of the research group “Constitution and Interpretation of Artistic Image” for five years, where she has lectured various posgraduate courses and published several books on the group’s research. She now works with the research group, HUM-015 “Art and Society” where she leads several major projects and publications.

Dr Belén Mazuecos

Professor, Vicedean of Culture, Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Granada, Granada, Spain

Belén Mazuecos is Vicedean of Cultural Affairs of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Granada (Spain) and lecturer in the Department of Painting of this institution. Artist and researcher, her main research topics are Contemporary Art, Art Markets and Art Anthropology. She works with the research group, HUM-611 “New materials for the contemporary art”, where she leads several major projects and publications.


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