Istanbul-between Two Books: Students Design Seminar in Istanbul

By Amos Bar-Eli.

Published by The Arts Collection

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The paper will present HIT’s annual summer seminar taking place in Israel and Istanbul. Discuss its issues, relevance, method, and resulting students’ projects. The seminar was developed as response to Israeli design students’ attitude toward cultural and historical conflicts and controversy. The concept evoking the seminar is the issue of viewing the ‘other’, and how design can assimilate conflicts, and culture into current personal point-of-view. Those concerns have been found to be highly relevant in Istanbul. Jewish-Muslim, religious-secular, and tradition-contemporary, those dualities represent current tensions that are vital both in Israel and Turkey. Between the conceptual spaces defined by two books the seminar ‘expedition’ takes place. In “Journey to the East” Le Corbusier approaches Istanbul through the ‘west’. In “Istanbul: Memories and the City” Orhan Pamuk unveils and mystifies Istanbul from within. Both books give prominence to the artistic point of view: painting, drawing, photography, design and not least important dreaming.
Following a preliminary engagement with current and historical cultural conflicts, and the two books, participants are encouraged to experience Istanbul and be confronted by its variance. In the process students are required to develop a personal method of observation, and produce a project that is based upon it. Their project is an answer to no brief or demand and represents reconciliation.

Keywords: Design, Design Education, Istanbul

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp.235-242. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 832.266KB).

Amos Bar-Eli

Lecturer, Faculty of Design, Department of Interior Design, Holon Institute of Technology, Tel-Aviv, Israel

I am a practicing architect and interior designer. I graduated from Pratt Institute, NY and have a M.Arch from the Technion, Israel. I teach Interior Design in Holon Institute of Technology in Israel since 1996. As an instructor of design I developed unique design courses compromising individual teaching methods. Along with my teaching position I run a private practice planning various architectural projects, ranging from public institutions and private residences to Interior design projects. I also conduct research focusing on architectural drawings, visionary architecture, and various artistic approaches to design and design education. Currently I am engaged at conducting a research about the issue of the Non-Complete in Architecture.


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