The Suburban Landscape Reframed Utilising New and Traditional Technologies to Visualise Changing Notions of Place and Belonging

By Maureen Ryan, Jennifer Kamp and Megan Evans.

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This paper investigates societal change and place. Through art practices in a suburban space where change can reframe the landscape with new meanings and understandings, we explore ways of working with new pictorial possibilities, utilising new media and digital technologies to research the relationships that give meaning to social space and human connections. We will look at the role of art in creating new ways to visualise the world, and develop pathways for social transformation. We will also look at the images that primary school children create of their families and communities in suburban Melbourne through the work shown at Sunshine Everywhere Children’s Gallery. In representing their lives these children portray their relationship to place, which shows the distinctive ethnic diversity within the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Keywords: Societal Change and Place, Change and Reframing the Landscape, New Media and Digital Technologies, Social Space and Human Connections, Primary School Children’s Images of Families and Community, Ethnic Diversity within the Western Suburbs

International Journal of the Arts in Society, Volume 6, Issue 6, pp.99-116. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 2.001MB).

Prof. Maureen Ryan

Professor (School of Education), Director (Gallery Sunshine Everywhere), School of Education, Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Maureen Ryan is a Professor in the School of Education at Victoria University and Director, Gallery Sunshine Everywhere. Maureen is committed to collaborative and community focussed teaching and research. In her work she continues to explore especially the relationships between youth, education and community, the partnerships possible, the skills and understanding that people working to create and build partnerships need and the particular ways in which arts and activity based projects can enable these things to happen.

Dr. Jennifer Kamp

Academic Sessional, Faculty of Arts Education & Human Development, Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jennifer Kamp is a former teacher in Geelong secondary and tertiary colleges. Her art practice focuses on change and a concept of the contemporary landscape as heterotopia. Her works are represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia ACT, Australian Print Workshop, and Latrobe University Victoria.

Dr. Megan Evans

Academic Sessional, Faculty of Arts Education and Human Development, Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Megan Evans has a career which spans a broad spectrum of art practices from major public art to exhibition work. Her artwork is conceptually based and she utilises all media from traditional painting and drawing to video and installation. Her current work explores landscape and colonisation in a contemporary context and investigates ideas of place. She has worked as a professional artist for over 25 years having exhibited nationally and internationally.


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